Thursday, October 12, 2006

Why You Need Good Search Engine Ranking and Optimization Strategy

We call it being in the Top 3 of a search engine. It means your web site is listed on the front page, in the first 5 results, of any given search engine listing for your keywords … and that’s referred to as a Natural Listing or Natural Results.
In reality, your web site coming up in the top 10 of any search engine is anything but natural.

Appearing in the top 10 for your business’s keywords will bring in potential customers to your web site just as effectively as the businesses that pay for the Google Ads and Yahoo Ads, but it’s more cost effective to you because you didn’t have to pay $3-$20 per click like they did … and remember, clicks don’t mean sales, it just means someone clicked onto their web site. Also, I’m not inflating those prices … if you want to compete with the big boys at the top of the keyword list on Google, that’s what it’s going to cost you. Suddenly optimizing your web site has much more importance to you doesn’t it?!

Search engine ranking and optimization is a highly specialized field of Internet marketing combined with the ability to write decently. Search engine users are what we call a targeted audience because they come looking for your business and usually want to buy what you sell. You don’t need to do anything, but provide them a clean web site that nicely displays your products, and close the sale (but that’s another article).